Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe space in which people feel encouraged and empowered to share stories from their mental health journeys in hopes of fostering a greater sense of awareness and validation within the community.

#hopethroughstories is the three-worded-version of our mission statement that we tag every one of our posts with.

Current Committee Members

  • Kayla Condron
  • Jessica Maitland
  • Ali Larew


Kayla Condron

Spreading hope and awareness has always been my goal while working for the Town of Ellington. Growing up here – feeling alone in the sense that no one knew or understood what I was going through was isolating. Making sure others have a voice and the opportunity to feel validated with sharing their stories is my goal.

Jessica Maitland

To put it simply, this page represents what I wish every person who struggles with mental health could have: a sense of belonging, normalcy, and hope.

Ali Larew

I wanted people to feel safe and empowered sharing their mental health journeys and hoped those struggling in silence would know they were not alone. I believe we are all worthy of and capable of healing and know connection and support are vital. 

Leah Mangold
Diane Lasher-Penti, LMFT