“I was stuck in a hamster wheel of obsession, anxiety, compulsion, and temporary relief. Nothing I tried could set me free…” To read more about Leah’s story read her article “We Panic in a Pew” on Loco Mag. https://locomag.com/we-panic-in-a-pew/

“As the depression started to take over, my immediate instinct was to shut down…” Throughout my childhood, the signs and symptoms of any mental illnesses went unnoticed as they disguised themselves as seemingly normal, and even desirable, attributes. Specifically, during my elementary school years, my parents were repeatedly told that I was a bright, happy…

“I got my strength from admitting that I had a problem…”

“My whole life I felt like I had control but at this moment I didn’t…”

“The power of story telling…”

“Most of the people in my life had no idea what was going on…”